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Endotoxin Testing

The BFF endotoxin services can provide fast, economical and reliable measurements for your important reagents and products.


Animal Cell Culture

BFF staff have experience with a wide range of cell types and are familiar with production using stable cell lines or transient transfection.


BFF has experience with a wide range of organisms including bacteria, yeast and fungi.  Our pilot plant can support production of cultures up to 750L with full downstream processing capabilities.

Molecular biology

BFF staff have experience with construct design and can assist in gene synthesis (commercial provider).  

Monoclonal Antibodies

The BFF offers monoclonal and polyclonal antibody discovery services. These services include immunizing mice, performing fusions, cloning selected cell lines, preserving these selected cell lines in liquid nitrogen and producing and purifying antibodies from cell cultures.



BFF offers peptide production services using a proprietary technology.  Staff are experienced with production of difficult peptide targets.


BFF staff have experience in batch, fed-batch and continuous culture process development.  Fermentation equipment has full on-line process control and on-line data logging.


BFF has a deep knowledge base in protein purifcation with experience with a variety of purification modalities.